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What is a nano drone?

A nano drone is any drone under 6 inches propeller to propeller. The smallest average just 2-4 inches in length.

Because of their size they are incredibly fun to fly and they are suitable and fun for anyone over 6 - and I mean anyone! Flying an aircraft, no matter how small, is always an exhilarating experience.


If you want to buy a drone, this is where you start. Not with an expensive full-sized camera drone which can set you back more than $2000, but a cheap and durable nano drone. 


Choosing a Drone

So which nano drone do I start with? Well, for a first drone you will certainly want propeller guards. There is the lighter variety, which offer decent protection, or a sturdier safer option like the JJRC Furibee. Then there is the safest option of a full cage guard, as all propellers are covered. All these options will protect your drone if you crash it. 

Cheerson CX-10C






If you're feeling more adventurous and would like a camera on your nano drone then check out our cameras section. If you're after the tiniest drone with a camera, then look no further than the Cheerson CX-10C. This nano drone is just 62mm long with a 0.3MP camera - and it's under $30.

If you're after quality the Hubsan H002 can do 720p video for the same price. We also offer slightly larger pocket drones, which will give you better range and speed. These drones are not suitable for children under 14.


Some key features you may consider with your first drone are:


 Headless Mode:

Algorithms running in the drone’s micro-controller ensure any directional change that the operator makes is compensated for. In other words, even when you rotate your drone 90 degrees to the left (so that it’s now facing your left), it’ll still go forward when you push the rudder forward (on a non-headless mode drone, this would make the drone go left).  


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Happy shopping, please reach out to us if you have any questions!