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Hubsan X4 Nano Drone

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The legendary Hubsan X4 probably needs no introduction, but in case you’re new in to the drone scene this is the quadcopter that gets listed time and time again as the best quad to use for learning your piloting skills.

It’s an all-round, solid product that’s perfect for beginners, but powerful enough to keep up with you as you improve. 

The X4 is known for it’s above-average power level, with those tiny motors giving a surprising level of acceleration and speed.

Action Time: 7-9 mins
State of Assembly: Ready to Go
Warning: No Fire
Motor: Brushless Motor
Dimensions: 60*60mm
Controller Battery: AA battery (not included)
Remote Distance: about 100m
Charging Time: 100 min
Plugs Type: USB
Model Number: H107L